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Psilocybin, the chemical compound found in buy magic mushrooms, is responsible for the experience of psychedelic experiences and altered states of consciousness. It is native to North America and Europe, while Psilocybe cubensis was discovered in Cuba and is native to much of South and Central America. Psilocybin mushrooms are also known as “mushrooms” in the United States.

In Europe and Mesoamerica, prehistoric art depicts psilocybin mushrooms. They were still used in indigenous ceremonies in Mexico, despite the fact that Catholic missionaries had banned their use in America during the Spanish conquest. It was revealed in 2016 that their expedition was funded by the CIA’s Project MKUltra). psilocybin was isolated a year later by Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman, who had previously synthesized LSD.

Magic Mushrooms

Low doses of magic mushrooms can warp surfaces, overlay visual perception with repetitive geometric shapes, alter colors and alter the way sounds are perceived, among other things. Auras around lights, “breathing” surfaces, and afterimages or “tracers” are all hallucinogenic effects. Synesthesia, distortion of time and space cognition, and blending with the environment are all possible side effects of higher doses of cannabis. Complex visual hallucinations, whether open-eye or closed-eye, are also possible, but they are rarely misinterpreted as reality by sufferers. It is also possible to experience subjective emotional effects from laughter to increased anxiety when using mushrooms. Magic mushrooms can also cause dilated pupils.

Buy magic mushrooms

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